My First Blog Post….

For months I’ve been throwing around the idea of beginning a blog. I wasn’t sure if I had enough to say or if people would even read it (ever), but if nothing else I want to do this for myself. Let’s start off with my name. Hello, my name is CiCi or Consuelo (we’ll just stick to CiCi). I’m a recent graduate of New Mexico State University. I’m sorry if you came to this blog under the impression that I was an TAMU Aggie. Nope! I am a good ol’ New Mexico girl! AGGIE UP! I am now working towards a Master’s in Ruminant Nutrition at Kansas State University. Agriculture has always been a passion of mine and this blog is to mostly voice my opinion on new topics. I also love taking pictures of livestock or ranch life. Another one of my passions is definitely research. There is so much more to learn in the world about making agriculture more efficient and utilizing fewer resources while producing more product.

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