Meet Spanky

On the ranch, there are a few animals that are not very common in northeastern New Mexico. Usually people slow down on the highway to make sure that they actually did see these white/gray creatures with humps and floppy ears. We have Brahman cattle. We also get our share of snow storms (sometimes blizzards) and 95+ degree days. Luckily, our Brahmans have a nice, cozy barn to stay in when the temperatures get low and snow is blowing.

Floppy and Darla
Darla and Floppy

Now, we have a total of five Brahmans at the moment. One cow, two heifers, and two bulls. The cow and the bulls were purchased from NMSU during their annual bull sale a couple years back. I blame Mr. Neil Burcham for my husband’s obsession with these creatures, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Everything has a name. There’s Floppy (the cow), Darla (aka Baby Floppy), Floppy Junior, Spanky, and Alfalfa. Spanky and Alfalfa are bulls.


Spanky is the one everyone on the highway drives by right now. He big, grumpy looking, and very mischievous. You read that right. He is mischievous. My mother-in-law plants flowers every summer in her flower beds and in flower pots around the house. She is also the one that always catches him in the mid-hijinks. Over the summer, Spanky learned how to walk over the cattle guard that separates a pasture from the house, shop, etc. One summer day, she caught Spanky in her flower bed. Yup, that grumpy mug was standing in her flower bed right in front of her house. She yelled at him and he hightailed it out of there. After some of Spanky’s lady friends were hauled off to sale one day, he now dedicates some of his time to inspecting every inch of every trailer that comes in.

His most recent shenanigan was by far the best. Like I said, I’m usually not around when these things happen since he lives in a pasture next to my in-laws’ house. I received the news in an e-mail from my mother-in-law titled, “Apple Thief.” She went on to explain how she went outside and caught someone (not going name names) eating apples right off of her Golden Delicious apple tree. Again, right outside her house. By the time she caught him, he had cleared the apples off the entire north side of the tree. After being yelled at, Spanky’s course of action was to try to hide behind said apple tree. Obviously, she wasn’t fooled. I wasn’t even mad that he “stole” a good chunk of our apples. Getting that e-mail while I was sitting in my office studying was worth it.

Spanky, this post is dedicated to your creativity.


Because winters are cold
Because winters are cold

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