Huge Life Changes

Quite a bit has gone on since my last blog post. Boy, has it been a busy summer! First of all, I married my best friend in the middle of June. He’s a very hard working man who has dedicated his life to agriculture, and I cannot ask for more. The northwest corner of New Mexico has been blessed this summer with rain. We were doused with rain through May and June. We originally had planned to get married in the pasture that he popped the question in, but God had other plans. It rained heavily early in the week and we had to exercise Plan B – getting married under the huge cedar tree in the front yard. Luckily, we were well prepared for something to change our plans as unpredictable as New Mexico weather can be. The day of the wedding was predicted to receive precipitation. However, near the time of the ceremony, the storm clouds passed over and the ceremony went on without the guests getting soaked.

I have learned so much this summer on what it means to be a ranch wife. I realized I only had a taste while I was dating my now husband. Not only did we have our wedding in the middle of hay cuttings, but we also went on a three day honeymoon so he could be back in time to cut hay again. I knew what I signed up for and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I feel that a ranch wife’s life is glamorized by the non-agricultural world. It is not all about riding horses, baking for the family, or living in the middle of nowhere. You have to do it all and not one day is the same. Yes, some of my favorite days are the ones where we gather cattle on horseback, but some days the jobs aren’t fun. They need to be done, but they’re not always fun. I didn’t grow up on a ranch like this so there is always something new to learn. That includes getting yelled at and learning not to take it personally. I still screw up when we’re working cattle. I don’t hold onto what happens in the pens when we leave those pens. If anything, I try to learn from my mistakes and work to improve.

My mother-in-law is a great example of a ranch wife. I have never seen someone drive a pickup in reverse that well in my life. Not only does she help us move or work cattle, she has been very helpful in bestowing her knowledge onto me. I’m talking about her cooking abilities. Thanks to her, I can now make multiple types of jellies, jams, and pies. I mean, who wants a wife that can’t cook? Next up will be peach jam. Mmmmmm! As the school year approaches and the start of the second year of my Master’s program, I’m going to miss the ranch and my husband.


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