A Little About Me

Writing has always come naturally to me and, to be honest, I’m known to ramble quite a bit. I thought about starting a blog for over a year until I finally had enough courage to start. I’m a newly married ranch wife. I married my best friend in June. I was crazy enough to plan a wedding and marry him in my first year of graduate school. Did I mention that we’re seven hours apart? I married a man who has dedicated his life to agriculture and gets to go to his dream job ¬†every time he walks out the front door.

I’m a New Mexico native (Native and native, if you get my drift). I graduated from New Mexico State University in 2014 with a Bachelor’s in Animal Science, and now I study grazing livestock nutrition at Kansas State University. This blog is about my journey through life. That covers everything from cows, my passion for agriculture, my husband, or my time at KSU.

My Journey as a New Ranch Wife